ITC introduced the agarbatti brand Mangaldeep in 2003. It provides premium agarbattis and dhoops to Indian customers. This brand is preferred by multiple people all over the nation.


  • With its agarbattis, the brand is quite creative, and it keeps expanding its selection with new ranges and scents.

  • The Sadhvi agarbatti, a groundbreaking invention with dual-fragrance sticks, is the brand’s most well-known product.

Cycle Pure

The Cycle Pure brand, a one-stop shop for fragrance, agarbatti, and prayer necessities, has been a provider of unrivalled scents since 1948. The brand exports its incense to several nations worldwide.


  • Sandalwood, natural oils, and amber are used in the production of this brand’s agarbatties.

  • Every component utilised in a Cycle agarbatti is acquired sustainably and ethically.

Amazon Brand – Solimo

Solimo is a noteworthy brand that sells a variety of products for everyday usage at reasonable prices. It’s an Amazon private label and is well known for offering goods, primarily for the household and kitchen, including clocks, laundry detergent packs, and agarbattis. 


  • This brand sells agarbattis that are made from premium materials and have a pleasant smell to get rid of unpleasant odours.

  • The fragrant sticks can be used to create a meditative or aromatherapy-friendly environment.


Since its foundation in 1983, HEM has expanded its exports to 72 nations thanks to the strong, fresh, and authentic smells found in many of its products. The brand has been producing perfumes using natural ingredients for more than three decades.


  • Popular among agarbatti brands, HEM  offers agarbattis that can work as air purifiers or room fresheners.

  • The agarbattis by this brand are a terrific option for pooja and therapeutic purposes.

Zed Black

Zed Black is among the largest agarbatti brands in India. It is a flagship brand of MDPH (an FMGC firm) and is widely recognised for having one of the biggest raw agarbatti manufacturing facilities. 


  • The agarbatti sticks offered by this brand are extremely calming and uplifting, making them perfect for use at home or at the office.

  • It offers fragrances like lavender, black musk, white sage and many more.