About Us

"Puja at instant from any Distance"

Distancepuja.com is Nepals` first online portal that offers access to religious ceremonies, cheena making, cheena reading and puja services across different temples of Nepal. Wherever you are across the globe, you can make your puja and offering via our online portal at reasonable price.


It is a known fact that in search of better life and opportunities many Nepalese have migrated to different parts of the world and have successfully settled there. Even though they are out of their country and religion they always have trust and faith on their own Hindu religion. However, due to lack of time and being distanced from holy temples they are unable to get go physically and perform the puja they desire for. Distancepuja.com act as a mediator and a facilitator, hence, they can perform puja even though they are far away from home, keep their faith, belief on Hindu religion alive and also save their culture and tradition.


DistancePuja.com is a simple solution for the people who lives in distant land, deprived from access to the Hindu temples or may not have sufficient time to engage in ritual performance and puja offerings, but have trust & faith in their religion & karma and believes in spiritual aspirations. Hence, we provide the most convenient and trustworthy online service in order to offer pujas and ritual performances across different temples in Nepal from the comfort of your home.


We are not a temple, any religious organisation, nor any agent or any religious movement. We respect your religious belief, customs and values and thus have no intention in any way to influence or change it. We also welcome all the visitors to our websites who are simply looking for more information about Hindu religion and culture. We are just a service provider or a facilitator for all Hindu lovers and devotees through which people can in the most simplest and convenient way offer puja at temples of Nepal and get services through trusted astrologist of Nepal.


Vision: what do we want to be?

To become the largest facilitator and provider of online (Hindu) puja service worldwide.


Mission: why we exist? 

We believe that Hindu people living abroad from Nepal are in need of service that makes them possible to get access to different temples in Nepal and perform their puja at desired temple while staying home. Distancepuja.com provides the best platform and solution for these people dwelling abroad.


Goal: what do we want to achieve?

  • To provide a most efficient, easy and convenient online platform for Hindu people to have puja at different temples of Nepal without physical presence.
  • To provide a most efficient, easy and convenient online platform for Hindu people with regards to their cheena reading, cheena making and other astrological needs.
  • To educate Hindu and other people about the importance and significance of Hindu religion. 
  • To provide e-commerce facilitation with regards to Hindu ritual and puja and other religious products.
  • To be a worldwide network for all Hindu lovers.
  • To provide high-quality, secure and most complete platform for Hindu people to fulfill their religious aspiration.




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